Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ultrasound Today

Richard and I went to have our ultrasound today and things went well. We saw the baby's face and she lifted her hand up. Her heartbeat was strong and she is in position, head facing down. We think she is at five pounds and the tech said she was a little small but not too small. I know I definitely have gained weight in the past couple weeks but I think it is stabilizing although I am hungry a lot (and not for very healthy food - I enjoy a Taco Bell Volcano Taco).

We are at about 36 weeks. Stella will be considered full-term at 37 weeks but we're planning for her to hold off until after Mama arrives on the 21st. There is the possibility she might not come until after the 1st of November but I am hoping that by Halloween we'll have our little pumpkin!

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