Saturday, September 27, 2008

One Month To Go

Wow - it is finally here. The one month to go mark. I'm excited yet anxious. I'm tired and emotional but have spurts of energy where I want to go and do so much. I'm looking forward to my mom coming and spending the time with me. I'm loving my husband. There is just so much going on knowing that in one month life for me and Richard will be totally changed.

We are still trying to figure out some things about the nursery but at least we feel we are at a point that we are happy with. Our only big purchase that I feel needs to be made pretty soon is the Play yard with bassinet and changer. Unfortunately the one I want I waited too long to get and is no longer available. Everything else is just the small stuff.

We are planning to get the car ready this weekend with my bag and emergency stuff if my water breaks while in public (we don't want it to leak on the car, ewwww). We need to install the car seat and I need to get a couple of thing for the going home bag.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Still a work in progress...

These are new pictures of what we have done! Thank you to everyone who has sent gifts.

If you want to view the entire photo album, click on the link below (or copy & paste in the address bar).

Another Saturday Workday

We are working hard this morning to finish setting up the nursery with what we have. The mattress and bedding has arrived and we had an adventure trying to get the curtains done. We are having to postpone that task until a little later today and I am working to clean out our rooms to make a Salvation Army run. My goal is to have pictures posted tonight or tomorrow morning!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday - Hump Day

I've made it halfway through the week and I'm surviving. The weather is suppose to be cooling down but it was humid today. We're getting both the crib mattress and bedding at the end of the week so more pictures will be coming soon as the nursery gets put together.

I only have six more weeks to go but I'm beginning to feel the desire for it to be much sooner. I know though that the longer she is in until closer to the time, the better it is for her so I will wait and see the doctor on Tuesday and just continue waddling around until then.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Belly Pictures

These pictures were hidden from before but my mom has requested them to be seen. So here they are - my belly at 33 weeks.

It's Saturday!

Yeah! It is Saturday. I'm beginning to be able to shift my focus on the weekends from lesson planning to preparing more for baby. Here are my tasks for today:

1) Put together travel system and read about how to install car seat
2) Finish the other Precious Moments picture and begin hanging frames
3) Decorate Toy Box and Stool
4) Work on Changing Table
5) Mail out thank you cards
6) Take more pictures and post

I do have to do a couple of school things:
1) Update grades
2) Work on accreditation packets
3) Get recess equipment
4) Update Lesson Plans for rest of September
5) Work on Class Handbook for Substitute Plans

Friday, September 12, 2008

Vote for your Favorite Bedding!

Vote on which bedding you think would be the best - we have a cherry crib (see below) and all other furniture is black. We do have a Precious Moments theme with some decor but it is not strictly PM.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Incredible Feelings

I just have to say that feeling the baby move is still so incredible. I'm usually so occupied with my students during the day, I never have time to really notice the feeling but I love coming home, sitting or lying on the couch and just feeling her move or watching my stomach roll. I can't wait to see her but am enjoying the comfort her movements bring.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Doctor's Appointment

Today was our 2-week doctor's appointment. While my blood pressure had reached its highest and I had lost three pounds, the doctor said everything was fine and the baby's heartbeat was strong. Stella is a little small but in the normal range, so that is something I am grateful for. As long as she is healthy, I don't mind her being small when it comes to delivery!

I'm feeling okay, just getting tired throughout the day but our praise is the the heat is going down - it'll only be 98 on Thursday!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Yeah! People have visited the site.

I'm so excited that my blog has had visitors and that I am able to share what is going on with family and friends. I've been spending the weekend resting from a week of going, going, going and it has given me time to think and reflect on Stella's arrival. I'm always looking for creative ideas of things to do for the baby but know all will be well once she arrives.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support. I can't wait to be able to send out the baby announcements and our Christmas cards spotlighting Stella, our little star!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pictures of me & my belly

Okay - here is the part I hate but everyone wants to see. Pictures of me and how I have grown!

First Trimester: I look happy here with Richard and was just excited not to be throwing up at the time.

Second Trimester: I got to go to Georgia and visit with family and friends. I am beginning to look pregnant due to Maternity clothes which I must say are very comfortable.

Third Trimester: I am growing and the baby is getting stronger and stronger every day - this is at 32 weeks.

Nursery Preparations

These are before pictures of the room selected to be the nursery. It was mostly for storage but now it's been cleaned out for the baby.

This was after I finished cleaning and moving things out. A week long project got the room looking good and empty to begin moving stuff in.

The frame is a collage of Precious Moments pictures that have been colored. I have other pictures I have finished and just need to frame to match. Then we'll decide where to hang them up.

We have finally started buying items for the room. Here is our crib. We are waiting for the mattress to be delivered and then will decide on bedding. Richard is also holding up a picture that I made from gift bags that were given to us.

Other Nursery Plans:

Now we need to get the bedding and hang up decorations.
We are going to decorate the toy trunk and stool in the room.
I am going to finish converting the desk into a changing table.
Richard is going to make letters to hang up Stella's name on the wall.

And there is sooooo much shopping left to do to get things organized. I can't wait until my mom comes to be able to help me decide!

My first blog

After weeks of procrastinating and hearing the pleas of my family, I have now started this blog to help keep everyone updated on all that is going on here in Yuma as we are in the final stages of pregnancy. Then this will become purely a blog to highlight Stella Madison David. But until then you must put up with belly shots and seeing the nursery as we work on putting it together.

We are thankful for everyone's support and prayers and are ready to welcome Baby Stella to our family in 8-10 weeks!