Saturday, September 27, 2008

One Month To Go

Wow - it is finally here. The one month to go mark. I'm excited yet anxious. I'm tired and emotional but have spurts of energy where I want to go and do so much. I'm looking forward to my mom coming and spending the time with me. I'm loving my husband. There is just so much going on knowing that in one month life for me and Richard will be totally changed.

We are still trying to figure out some things about the nursery but at least we feel we are at a point that we are happy with. Our only big purchase that I feel needs to be made pretty soon is the Play yard with bassinet and changer. Unfortunately the one I want I waited too long to get and is no longer available. Everything else is just the small stuff.

We are planning to get the car ready this weekend with my bag and emergency stuff if my water breaks while in public (we don't want it to leak on the car, ewwww). We need to install the car seat and I need to get a couple of thing for the going home bag.

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