Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pictures of me & my belly

Okay - here is the part I hate but everyone wants to see. Pictures of me and how I have grown!

First Trimester: I look happy here with Richard and was just excited not to be throwing up at the time.

Second Trimester: I got to go to Georgia and visit with family and friends. I am beginning to look pregnant due to Maternity clothes which I must say are very comfortable.

Third Trimester: I am growing and the baby is getting stronger and stronger every day - this is at 32 weeks.


Anonymous said...

You are so BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for finally putting up the pics! The Nursery will be wonderful! I love you guys!

Norman & Marla Bivens said...

Hey Kim & Richard!

You two look so happy! Kim you look beautiful! Baby Stella is so BLESSED to have parents that are so excited about her arrival!

Love & Prayers,

Uncle Norman & Marla :)

morgan said...

YAY for big bellies :) I'm so excited about the pics...keep'em coming! Love ya